Landing Page Templates

C o n t e x t

A set of templates were needed to serve as landing pages for users who engaged with any of Medallia’s major marketing campaigns. Users would be directed to these pages in order to sign up for webinars, events, download resources, and more.

The problem

The old templates needed a visual refresh in order to utilize the brand’s style in a more impactful way. Additionally, the existing structure of the templates did not tell a compelling story and required users to read through large amounts of content.

The solution

Restructure the templates in a way that provides a more clear content hierarchy and build them as customizable modules in order to better suit business needs.

Built for

My role
Visual and Web Design

Tools used

Marketing operations team
Art director
Dev team

C h a l l e n g e

The design restrictions

Due to the restrictions of the platform that the templates needed to be built in, it was imperative the designs were simple enough to be built quickly and easily. It was also important that they were flexible in order to accommodate a variety of needs as these landing pages were used to feature new campaigns, allow users to register for upcoming events or download e-books, etc.


Feedback & auditing

Before I started brainstorming the design, I gathered feedback from stakeholders and conducted an audit of old designs in order to better understand what the new templates needed:

  • A wider variety of templates needed, ranging from pages that are very simple to ones that can accommodate a lot more content
  • Content that is more easily scannable in order to help tell a story
  • Simplified form with unnecessary fields removed
  • Form fields needed more contrast with the background
  • More impactful imagery

Flow & wireframes


The design solution

The overall design is minimal in order to maintain brand consistency, with each template composed of different components that can be reorganized based upon the needs of the campaign. This modular design allows for users to build the page for simple purposes, such as webinar sign-ups, or stakeholders can create more content heavy pages if needed.

The campaign landing page template: good for featuring larger amounts of content such as customer stories.
A sub branded template that focuses on new product features and highlights Medallia product imagery in the hero.
A sub branded template showcasing Medallia customers with their logo prominently displayed in the hero.
The sub branded mobile version of the template.


Due to the modular nature of the templates, I created a playbook that would provide guidance for the stakeholders who would be customizing them. For each template created, our team provided notes on practices that could be referenced while building out a page.